1902 Figue Blanche Eau De Cologne Spray (Unisex) By Berdoues 4.2 oz


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4.2 oz Eau De Cologne Spray – 1902 Figue Blanche Perfume by Berdoues, The yummy 1902 figue will tempt you in more ways than one. Made by the house of berdoues for use by either sex, this fragrance teases with top notes of citrusy bergamot, ylang-ylang and delicious fig, followed by middle-note helpings of juicy peach and jasmine. Base notes finish off with cedar, vanilla and white musk for a warm and fruity, floral scent that you can wear forever and not tire of. This tempting scent makes good use of yling-yling, a versatile aroma in and of itself. Its scent is hard to pin down due to its many facets and the combination of aromas with which it is used. Yling-yling offers hints of wintergreen and orange for top notes, with juicy apricot and spicy florals in its heart notes, with a base of sweet balsam. In 1902 figue blanche, it adds to and enhances fruity and citrus tones. Founded in france in 1902, the house has spanned four generations of the berdoues family, which oversees every step in the production and distribution of its perfumes. A team of in-house experts works with ingredients and formulas to craft new perfumes. 1902 figue blanche is just one of more than 40 fragrances available from the house.


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